Ultimate Keto Chocolate Cake recipe!!! - Lily Vanilli

Ultimate Keto Chocolate Cake recipe!!!

Prep Time: 15
Cooking Time: 19
Serves: 10

For the ultimate ketogenic chocolate cake recipe. I don’t sell this in the shop but I make it for my keto faves!


225g 100% dark chocolate (chopped up)
115g butter
5 eggs, separated
80g/ to taste Erythritol
3.5 tbsp cocoa
1 tsp baking powder
7″ cake tin, lined with paper over hanging the sides


Pre heat oven to 180c
Melt the chocolate and butter together
– Cool.
Beat in the yolks
Then beat your egg whites to stiff peaks
Evenly combine the erythritol, baking powder and cocoa, then fold this into the chocolate mix.
At this stage it will look split – gradually add some water, in very small amounts, until it just comes together.
Then fold in the egg white
Transfer to your cake tin, sprinkle over with Malden sea salt and bake for 19 mins. Enjoy hot or cold
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