How To Whip Cream

Prep Time:
5 minutes

Use whipped cream to elevate a hot chocolate to the next luxurious level, layer it into cakes with jam, or into trifles at Christmas, and have it as a side with pretty much any dessert. Whipped cream is one of those staple recipes that everyone should perfect. But it’s all too easy to over whip. Over whipped cream turns your soft and billowy peaks into grainy and stiff ones. Follow the recipe and tips below for the perfect whipped cream every time.


You will need:
  • A chilled bowl (large enough to hold at least double the volume of cream you are whipping
  • An electric hand whisk
  • Very cold double cream
  • 1 tsp caster sugar and 1/4 tsp vanilla extract per 200ml of cream (optional)


  1. Pour the cream into the bowl and whip thoroughly and evenly, beginning on medium speed.
  2. Ensure that you run the beaters around the edge of the bowl to keep it all evenly mixed.
  3. When the cream starts to thicken and you see the first sign of soft peaks, add the sugar and the vanilla, if using.
  4. Now reduce the speed to medium-low and watch carefully – it’s almost done.
  5. Continue just until you have very soft peaks – using an electric hand mixer this should take under 2 minutes.

TIP: if you have over whipped the cream, add a small amount of milk to the mixture and whip gently until it comes back to soft peaks.

Lily Vanilli