A Floral Window In Fortnums - Lily Vanilli

A Floral Window In Fortnums

As I announced in one of my last posts, Lily Vanilli cakes and pastries are now available 7 days a week in Fortnum & Mason.

To coincide with the launch Fortnums asked me to contribute to their windows for the brand new Alice in Wonderland for Disney display.

A Floral Window In Fortnums

The cakes themselves are dummies – as real layer of cake won’t last for the two months the display is there – but they are decorated with real icing, beautiful silk flowers and artificial fruit dipped in glitter.

They’re lined up in the front central window on a fake lawn and look super pretty, so do swing by and take a look – see if you can spot the golden frogs and turtles too.

It’s virtually impossible to take a good picture of a shop window (too much glare and reflection), but there’s a coffee and cake in it for anyone who can capture a great shot. If you’re up for the challenge simply post your pic to instagram using #LVxFM