FAQs - Lily Vanilli


Cake Care Instructions

Shelf Life:

* The Gluten Free Chocolate & Chocolate Cakes keep well for up to 6 days.

* All our other cakes keep well for 3-4 days.

* If you are not eating your cake the same day, you can store in the fridge or a cool place to keep it fresher for longer.

* Don’t leave in direct heat or sunlight, the buttercream will melt: a cool dry place is always best.

* Our cakes must be served at room temp – I insist! A chilled cake feels denser and will seem dryer. Please always bring to room temp before serving.


* Please don’t stack anything on top of the box and lift carefully from the bottom of the box, taking care not to squeeze the sides.

* Always sit the cake flat – the footwell of the front seat or boot is best, rather than the seat of the car (where it will tip).


All deliveries are collected from the bakery at 12pm daily and dropped to you – usually by 6pm. If you need your cake earlier in the day, I recommend booking for the day before (see below for shelf life).


Pickup is from the bakery
2pm-4:30pm Tues
11am-4:30pm Wed-Fri
11am-4:30pm Saturday
10am-4:30pm Sunday

Outside London

We currently deliver in London only – to these postcodes.

If you are organising a wedding or event outside London, and a member of the wedding party or a courier is able to drive from London for you, we’re very happy to make sure the cake is packed safely for the journey.

Booking a Delivery

Once you have selected your cake/s, click through to the basket and you can then select your delivery date and add your address for a quote before checking out.

Advanced Customisation

Do I need to ‘add piping’?

All our cakes come with piping as per the image on the menu (this may vary slightly if the cake is scaled up or down). You only need to ‘add piping’ if you want something specific, or are choosing a cake with no piping as standard.

If I don’t add a filling – what’s inside my cake?

All our cakes are filled and stacked with a light American style vanilla buttercream, and then finally coated in Swiss meringue buttercream for a smooth finish.

If you’d like to order a 1/2 cake:

Order any cake in the serving size you want, and we’ll make the equivalent size as a larger half cake. Just specify in the notes when you order.

Cake Samples/Tasters

With regards to tastings – we offer 2 options:

1) Pop to the bakery one Sunday and try some of the cakes we have on the counter.

2) You can book in a taster box of cupcakes – priced at £25 each (for collection from the bakery, or plus delivery if required). Just request one via the form on the ‘Wedding Cakes’ page when filling it out.

Sourcing a cake stand

If you’d like to source a cake stand for your event, any size will do, just be sure to find one with a flat edge and no lip. They are pretty standard issue, and our cake board will sit on top no problem.

Opening hours

Our cafe opens Tuesday – Saturday 11am-5pm & Sunday from 9am-4pm if you’d like to visit.
Pickup times for your cake are as per the confirmation email we sent you.

Cake Sizes

w” x h” for each tierwidth of boardtotal height
20 serves-8″ x 5″11″13″
30 serves-9″ / 5″12″14″
35 serves 2 tier9″ x 4″ / 5″ x 4″12″8″
40 serves 2 tier9″ x 5″ / 6″ x 4″12″9″
45 serves 2 tier9″ x 6″ / 6″ x 4″12″10″
45 serves 3 tier9″ x 5″ / 6″ x 5″ / 3″ x 3″12″13″
50 serves 3 tier10″ x 6″ / 7″ x 5″ / 4″ x 4″14″15″
55 serves 3 tier10″ x 7″ / 7″ x 5″ / 4″ x 4″14″16″
65 serves 3 tier10″ x 8″ / 7″ x 6″ / 4″ x 4″14″18″
75 serves 4 tiers11″ x 7″ / 8″ x 7″ / 5″ x 5″ / 3″ x 3″16″22″
85 serves 4 tiers11″ x 8″ / 8″ x 7″ / 5″ x 5″ / 3″ x 3″16″23″
100 serves 4 tiers12″ x 7″ / 9″ x 7″ / 6″ x 5″ 3″ x 3″16″24″
120 served 4 tiers12″ x 8″ / 9″ x 7″ / 6″ x 5″ 3″ x 3″16″25″